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Are you a Hoopaholic?

Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step to address your basketball problem.  For every nine people who can play basketball socially, there is one who can’t leave it alone. Chances are you are that one.  You don’t control basketball, basketball controls you.  This camp is being held to help people like you.  And we CAN help!

Answer the following questions to see if you need help:

1) Do you go to play hoops for an hour and end up staying for three?
2) Does every conversation eventually end up about basketball?
3) Do you call in sick to work on the first Thursday and Friday of March Madness?
4) Do you call traveling on your son or daughter in driveway basketball?
5) Has playing basketball caused you to miss family functions, e.g., meals, birthdays, or holiday dinners?
6) Are you greeted by your first name or nickname at more than one gym?
7) Did you buy a new pair of basketball shoes when your children needed school clothes?
8) If you see a kid shooting baskets in his driveway, do you stop to challenge him to a game of horse?


If you answered “Yes” or “No” to at least half of these questions, you may be a Hoopaholic.  Fortunately, there is hope. ... THE ANNUAL HOOPAHOLIC TREATMENT CAMP.

Listen to the hoopaholics theme song by our own Andy Hartpence AKA Wheelie Cyberman.

Hoopaholics in the news.  King 5 Sports.

basketball game with guys fighting for the rebound.

Is that JP going in for the tip jam?


Learn more about our patented inpatient treatment

Who should come to camp?   Men 30 and older (with a few exceptions) who continue to play basketball despite numerous indications — sore knees, disruption of family, a declining vertical jump — that they shouldn’t.

Where is it?   Camp Casey and the Coupeville High School gym, Whidbey Island.

When is it?    June 14-16 2024

How much does it cost?    $450

Who runs it?   A staff of professionals, headed by former University of Washington Husky and NBA pro Steve Hawes.  They understand your problem, and are proud they have the highest recidivism rate in the country.

What’s in it for me?   Fun, for openers.  It will get you out of town for a few days. You’ll get as much basketball as your fallen arches can stand, and you’ll meet lots of guys who share your symptoms.

Picture of Hoopaholics from 1st year at Camp Casey

Hoopaholics from 1st year at Camp Casey

Picture of  Hoopaholics team on outdoor court at Camp Casey

Old School Hoopaholics