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2019 - Camp in Review

A Taunting 6-19-19

This post camp taunt is coming to you from Room 205 - The Truckers Suite, in lovely Montesano, Washington where rooms are available by the second.  Vibrating beds and soap are extra.  


I had made an attempt to get this message out yesterday, but I had a concussion from watching Schelbert bounce around the Tyee Saturday evening.  It’s quite possible I’ll need to make an appointment to see Manny after that one.


It seems like the weekend sometimes goes by too fast.  We all arrive on Friday, excited to play ball and see the friends we haven’t seen for a year. We play, toss a few back, talk a little smack, and catch up on the happenings in the lives of our buddies.  Throughout the weekend there’s reconnections with old friends and new connections with guys you’ve never played with before or are this year’s rookies, all while doing something we love. We talk about the guys who initiated this gem of Hoopaholics and of our teammates that have gone to the “Main Gym”.  Sunday comes, it’s time to pack and play, saying so long but looking forward to next time we get together again.  Despite the physical aches and pains, , the joy of being together 1 more time will always be good for the soul. 


The 2019 31stSESSION OF THE HOOPAHOLICS TREATMENT CENTER was outstanding!  My personal admiration and thanks to everyone who made the weekend a wonderful memory.  It’s an honor to be a part of this outstanding group...


HIGHLIGHTS (some things to jog your memory)

-The Great Weather and The Beach!

-The Rookies – Rob Carvey, Paul Whyatt, Paul Foucault, Mike Grabham, Blake Hess and Steve George. Great to have you guys along for the weekend! You are now officially in dire need of yearly treatments.  

-The great philosopher, Mediocrites, discovered a basket was worth 2 points! 

-Sam Tuttle learned that “Assists” are actual stats

-Doc Talk with Dr. Fred Jackson – Thank you Fred.  Great to have you back at camp!

-The Man and Mythical Legend – Tom Lowery. We have missed you.


Start planning your treatment now and be a part of the 2020 HOOPAHOLICS TREATMENT CENTER.  If you haven’t pre-registered yet, log on to our website and click on the pre-registration link.  Guys who register before the end of the month will receive a beautiful 2020 hat.  Begin to recruit your buddy’s and pass this link along to them to register for next year. 


One of our newly minted Legends, Lyndon Low posted this on his Facebook page and the key thing he wrote was a “A friend invited him”

Many years ago I met a friend playing basketball. He immediately knew I was addicted to the game.   He invited me to his Hoopaholics "treatment" camp which takes place every Father's Day weekend. For the past 10 years I have enjoyed "being a kid again".  Each year 50 men gather for the love of the game, to compete and most importantly share about their lives and what has transpired over the last year.  It's truly a brotherhood I'm blessed to be a part of and look forward to each year. #nevergrowup&you'llnevergrowold


Thanks goes to the folks at Coupeville High School, Dave/Amy King, Coach Scott Fox, Coach Sherman, the Boys/Girls Wolves Basketball player and the Coupeville Boosters for taking excellent care of us during the weekend.  Also, Vivian Decker for coordinating our BBQ.  Rumor is - Dave King is going to play next year!


Thanks to Ira, Jerry, Wayne, LaMount, the rookies Tony and Darryl.  We appreciate all you do for us.  There is not a finer group of officials.  You are not just officials, you’re our friends and true Hoopaholics.  


Thanks go to our coaches, Steve Hawes, Bruce Case, Mike Cashman, Dave King, and the “rook” Tom Jensen.  You all are appreciated far more than you know.  


Thanks to Mike Chamberland for managing the Hoopaholic website.  Mike spent countless hours making the site easier to manage and open it up for use year-round.  Outstanding job Mike!  

*You can assist Mike by uploading this year’s pictures to


Grateful to have the return of “The Doc Talk” with Dr. Fred Jackson.  Fred, what you and the other “Founders” created is second to none.  


Also, grateful to have Tom Lowery spend time with us.  There is no one that can take your place.  We can’t stop you, we can only hope to contain you.




The Mac Classic

December 7, 2019

Fife High School


Shane Nixon, Mark Schelbert, and the Fife Boosters continues to host an outstanding day of high school basketball.  The day is to remember our friend Johnny Mac, support the McCrossin Scholarship, and watch some great basketball.

As mentioned at camp, there are some opportunities to help financially with this event by way of contribution to the McCrossin Scholarship, purchasing advertising space, or make a contribution to cover the cost of the event.  As an organization, Hoopaholics sponsors a sportsmanship award for player from each team and makes a contribution to the scholarship.  More info. will be sent out closer to the event date.



We will constantly be working this year to make improvements to the camp experience.  There are some ideas that we have already been considering.  Opportunities for you to contribute your thoughts will be made available to you soon.  Check your email and the website for updates.


Thanks to all of you for creating some great memories.  It’s always great to play hoops, laugh, and figure out how we can “Free Dale”.  Don’t forget to get preregistered and begin to recruit guys to camp.


We’ll now return you to your show “Innuendo – A Documentary on Italian Suppositories”.


Hoop – There It Is!

Uncle Lefty III